Chievo vs Empoli prediction
Chievo raised their form in the last three matches in Serie B, as they recorded a positive result in every single of them. In the last match against Pescara, they did just enough to take the home win with a minimal 1:0 score.

They were a better team on the field that day, especially in the second part, when the only goal in this encounter was scored in the 88th minute over Garritano. The guests had a minimal number of opportunities in this one, mostly in the first part, but they failed in realizing them.

Chievo enters these playoffs surely well-motivated and fired up, as they have a chance to play among the elite in Serie A, once again.
Empoli approached offensively in the last match against Livorno, and it paid out for them, as they secured playoff phase with 0:2 win, playing as a visiting team.

They scored two times, once in each half, over Antonelli in the 45th and La Mantia in the 51st minute of the encounter, and brought this match to an end without any major difficulties. Livorno was dangerous on a couple of occasions in this encounter, but as we saw, without any concrete results.

As they got their ticket for the playoff phase in the last round, the guests are entering this one with positive thoughts, and a surely interesting battle for Serie A is in front of us.
Both teams were quite effective during the season, with no problems in the offense, as they were able to score in many matches. There is absolutely no reason for this one to be any different and at least a goal from each side is quite a realistic scenario, at least in my opinion - just a little sparkle is needed since neither of them can relly on defending.
Both teams to score
(Stake: 8)

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